East Stockton Native Chris Rouppet looks to extend his service to his fellow neighbors as their new County Supervisor

Born and raised by a single mom in East Stockton, Chris Rouppet was influenced by the tight-knit community that showed him and his family so much love.
“My mom worked two jobs, including Diamond Walnut, for 30 years and during the season each year at the cannery. She often worked 16-hour days, seven days a week, to make ends meet,” reflected Rouppet. “Despite her working hard to support me and my sister, she or my grandmother or a community member was always there to care and support us.”
Chris attended St Gertrude’s Catholic School and Church, where he is still a member today. Chris participated in local youth sports while hanging out with neighborhood families at Stribley Park when he wasn’t studying, practicing or competing. Chris would also faithfully attend Cal-Mex Baseball games since he was five, assisting league co-founder Sauchus Orosco shagging foul balls for a quarter.
“I was blessed to have such a giving community,” remarked Rouppet. “While I grew up in a Mexican-American household, I always had a huge extended family right outside my door; it was my neighbors; everybody knew and looked out for each other back then.”
Chris’ gratitude for those who gave so much of themselves inspired him to assist others. He fed homeless transients and helped his mom with household expenses, Chris worked multiple jobs during his early years, including McDonald’s on Charter Way, Bob’s Chevron, and K-mart on Mariposa Rd.
“My passion for public service began at a young age,” said Rouppet. “I was so thankful for all my community support growing up; I wanted to pay it forward.”
Chris attended San Joaquin Middle School and graduated from Franklin High School. After attending Delta College, Chris had a longstanding career with Coca-Cola, where he was a member of Teamsters Local 439 and a shop steward.
In 2017, Chris was given a rare opportunity to serve Stockton residents as the Chief of Staff for County Supervisor Miguel Villapudua. Working with the local community, Miguel and Chris found solutions to many problems plaguing East and South Stockton.
These include:
– Creating the Safe Neighborhoods ONE Project focused on improving the quality of life in communities while building strong partnerships with law enforcement and stakeholders.
– Founding the Illegal Dumping Committee, which spearheaded efforts to alleviate illegal dumping. This led the way to a new ordinance that makes it simpler to cite offenders.
– Successfully worked with the Winter Homeless Committee to obtain city and county funding to create more shelter space to move those unsheltered indoors.
– Initiating several new infrastructure projects in South Stockton, East Stockton, Boggs Tract, Country Club Blvd and Alpine Rd.
– Creating the Annual Free Dumpster Day and Beautiful Yards Contest
While Chris is proud of what he and Supervisor Villapudua have accomplished together, he knows much work can still be done.
“This community deserves the attention they have been getting the past seven years,” declared Rouppet. “While we have made a ton of progress, there is so much more we can do with more time and resources.”
Chris is running to succeed soon-to-be termed-out and current State Senate candidate Supervisor Miguel Villapudua and continue serving the community he has loved since childhood.
“This community gave me my education, faith and character,” said Rouppet. “Elected or not, this community will always be my home and have my heart.” – Advertorial

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