Vargas Creating Small Business Opportunities While Linking Central Valley to Bay Area

Veronica Vargas came to the United States as a young Argentinian immigrant – and has used the will and the heart that got her here to tirelessly serve her community. Veronica Vargas has lived in San Joaquin County for over 25 years, residing in Tracy with her Husband Patrick, together they have six children and 5 grandchildren.

Since her arrival in America, Veronica Vargas has been very active, she is the current Mayor Pro Tem of the City of Tracy, former Planning Commissioner and has volunteered in many local non-profits. Currently Veronica works as a Chief Executive Officer of Agora Land in Tracy, and previously worked as a Development Director for Trumark Homes. Her experience in land development, planning and entitlements spans over a 19-year period and has provided her the opportunity to work on a wide range of successful and high-profile projects.

Hard work, dedication and determination has been the cornerstone of her tenure on the Tracy City Council. “As a woman and as an immigrant, I have learned that nothing comes easy, but with hard work and determination we can accomplish our goals and achieve success,” said Veronica Vargas. This cannot be demonstrated more than the creation of Valley Link.

Several years ago, Vargas was seemingly the lone representative from San Joaquin County who recognized the size of our county’s transportation problem. An estimated total of 98,5000 San Joaquin Valley commuters travel over the Altamont-Pass daily. It is a nightmare for San Joaquin Valley commuters who now spend on average 78 minutes daily commuting each way through this corridor. She boldly championed State legislation that created the Tri-Valley – San Joaquin Regional Rail Authority – that has brought together leaders from both sides of the Altamont to find a solution. The answer – Valley Link, a transformational 42-mile, 7 station rail project that will link Stockton and other communities in San Joaquin County with the BART system in the Tri-Valley.

“Valley Link is more than just a passenger rail system it is a game changer for the region. Valley Link will create more housing options for San Joaquin County families, it will create commerce along the rail line, it will provide good paying jobs, reduce carbon emissions and will save commuters time so that they can spend more time with their families,” said Veronica Vargas, who Chairs the Valley Link Board of Directors. “I was told that this project was pie in the sky, a dream that will never succeed, but they were wrong, Valley Link continues to move forward and continues to gain funding and continues to garner state and federal support,” said Veronica Vargas. For more information, please visit

Veronica Vargas has served on the League of California Cities Latino Caucus for the past seven years and is currently on the executive board of directors. In an effort to give back some of the lessons she learned as a newly elected Council Member, Veronica started a mentorship program for newly elected officials. “Helping newly elected officials get acclimated to Government is something I am very proud to do,” stated Veronica Vargas.

While serving as Mayor Pro-Tem of Tracy, Veronica Vargas continues to work on other issues such as solving our homelessness crisis, increasing affordable housing, improving public safety and protecting our open space. “As long as I am elected, I will roll up my sleeves and work on improving the quality of life for the community that I proudly serve,” stated Veronica Vargas.

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