Tom Patti is Fighting for California Families

  For the past 20 years, Tom has been an advocate for improving our cities as both an employer and volunteer. Since 2016, Tom Patti has been fighting for our future in San Joaquin County and the community that has given so much to him and his family. Tom has been proud to raise his family here where he set down roots and invested in our neighbors.

California families are struggling. Prices at the gas pump have skyrocketed in most parts of our community from just six months ago. People are paying hundreds more at the grocery store than what they were paying a few months previously. Housing is unaffordable and increasingly difficult to find. Crime is on the rise as criminals think they can ransack our towns without consequence. 
  Working families are exhausted from facing crisis after crisis and enduring emotional upheaval nearly every day. It seems like it has been a year and a half of continuous struggle and tumult, but I believe there is a brighter future. That’s why Tom Patti is running for Congress. 

  During his time as a County Supervisor, the board has secured funding and resources for veterans, law enforcement officers and students. The board provided hundreds of beds for the homeless and substance abusers to get them back on their feet and are working toward ending homelessness and addiction. Tom knows firsthand what it takes to mobilize this community and what kind of leader we need to advocate for our needs. That’s precisely why he’s running to represent our district in Congress. 
  We have seen that Tom can be trusted to deliver on what you and your family need and he intends to take that same commonsense approach to the halls of Congress. Tom’s opponent doesn’t live in the district, yet he thinks he understands the needs of our community. It’s easy to say the right things in front of a crowd, but he has been slow to make any real changes for families who, as a result, are now facing some of the highest costs and most extreme shortages in recent memory. 

  The prices of gasoline and groceries are skyrocketing, and our representatives are tweeting about the issues instead of making changes. Crime has been riddling the streets of nearly every neighborhood in California and the ruling class continues to deflect from the reality that their soft-on-crime policies are to blame for making our streets less safe. The homelessness crisis has increased to a level that cannot be ignored, yet our county is one of the few actively making a difference for those suffering from chronic homelessness. We are tired of being overlooked and having leaders that refuse to make a difference. 

  In Congress, Tom will proudly work across the aisle, the same way he has on the Board of Supervisors, to ensure that our community is accounted for and receives the aid we so desperately need. Tom understands how inaction can deeply affect our daily lives and he will strive every day to keep the fight of San Joaquin County and District 9 residents at the forefront of every decision, just like he does in his current role. 

  Times are hard, but they won’t always be. Tom Patti is excited for the opportunity to represent this district the way that it deserves. It’s time to take the fight for families and workers to Congress. Stand with Tom and let’s fight to win.
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