House approves important step for Trump’s political trial

By Jesús García
The House of Representatives approved with 232 in favor and 196 against the formal investigation for a possible political trial against President Donald Trump .

That represented just 14 votes above the minimum majority required to support the procedure led by the Intelligence Committee on the request of the Republican president to his Ukrainian counterpart, Volodymyr Zelensky , to investigate former vice president Joe Biden and his son Hunter , in exchange for a meeting at the White House and military funds.

Of the 197 Republicans 196 rejected the measure, to which an independent was added, while four representatives abstained during the process led by the president of the House, Nancy Pelosi .
Previously, the House passed a procedural resolution with the surprise of a Republican in favor.

In a pre-voting conference, Pelosi considered it a “sad day” for the United States.

“It’s a sad day, because nobody comes to Congress to accuse a president of the United States. No one, ” he said. “We come here to do the job, make the future better for our children, for the future of the United States.”
He added that part of the representatives’ work is to protect the Constitution, for which they also took an oath.

“That is what we cannot ignore and we will not ignore when the president’s behavior indicates that this investigation, that investigation, is necessary,” he said in reference that it is already in process in committees.
The president of President Trump’s reelection campaign team, Brad Parscale , criticized the process, which he described as “a farce.”

“Every American can see this for what it is: an attempt to dismiss a duly elected president for strictly political reasons, through a strictly partisan and illegitimate process,” he said. “Today’s vote simply proves that the entire political trial process was a farce from the beginning and that Nancy Pelosi cannot legitimize it after the fact . “

He added that the transcript of the July 25 telephone call between President Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart was not a quid pro quo , although in the documents revealed by the White House the Republican president even offers support from Attorney General William Barr.
“Voters will punish the Democrats who support this farce and President Trump will be easily re-elected,” Parscale said.

President Trump reacted a few minutes after the formal investigation process was approved.

“The biggest witch hunt in American history” , published.
The White House spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham , considered that Pelosi and the Democrats have a “ crazy obsession” with the procedure against President Trump, who – from his point of view – “has not done anything wrong”, in addition to ensuring that This will not harm you.
“It hurts the American people. Instead of focusing on urgent issues that affect real families, such as reducing armed violence, passing the USMCA (Mexico-United States-Canada Treaty), improving medical care, reducing prescription drug costs, securing our southern border and modernize our aging infrastructure, the Democrats choose to waste time on a mock destitution every day, ”he said.

He added that it is a “blatantly partisan” attempt to destroy the president, coupled with violating the rules of procedure of the House when voting was conducted when the inquiries have already begun.
“President Pelosi, President (Adam) Schiff and the Democrats held secret meetings behind closed doors, blocked the participation of the Administration and now voted to authorize a second round of hearings that still does not provide any due process,” he said. “The Democrats want to issue a verdict without giving the Administration the opportunity to organize a defense. That is unfair, unconstitutional and fundamentally anti-American. ”

Whats Next?
After considering that President Trump’s “misconduct” has made this procedure necessary, Democrat Schiff, president of the Intelligence Committee, specified the following steps in the investigations.

Now the procedure will allow: open hearing , a lawyer will interrogate those cited for up to 45 minutes ; the Committee members may ask questions later also be made public transcripts of statements.

He added that in the first hearings there were people cited or invited who did not attend the call, referring to the position of the White House of not cooperating with the procedure prior to the vote on Thursday.

“I must tell you that despite those who have complained about the lack of access to the audience, the majority of the members who have been allowed to attend have not attended, have not taken advantage of the availability to attend each and every one of the audience, ”he said.

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