DCA Launches Valley Construction Services, INC.Building on the Dream

By Julia Barnes

For the last ten years, Juan Barroso, owner of Derivi Castellanos Architects (DCA), and his team have taken the construction industry by storm providing incredible service in Architectural Engineering Design.

On November 1, 2023, DCA launched a new sister company, Valley Construction Services, Inc., a general contractor company. Both companies’ focus is on Public Schools construction, designing anything from a small remodel to totally new school.

“Working with teachers and educators has been the most enjoyable aspect of our business.” Juan stated, “We are a small part of a bigger mission that educators are pursuing, which is to help kids become successful and contributing members of society. By working with educators, we feel we are helping to make a positive impact on society.”

Wes Eckhart, Senior Project Manager of DCA and now General Manager of Valley Construction Inc, is also excited about the new company, “We have the opportunity to create something from nothing, take an idea, bringing it to fruition and delivering on the client’s dream.”

Both gentlemen have tremendous experience in design and construction. Juan grew up in King City, Monterey County and graduated from UC Berkeley. He worked in San Jose for 20 years, before acquiring DCA here in Stockton ten years ago. Wes, originally from Evanston, Wyoming, relocated to Stockton while in High School. He has over 25 years in design, computer design and project management and has been with DCA for nine years.

Together they oversee a dynamic team of fifty people located in both the Stockton and San Jose offices, working on projects from Sacramento to Merced Counties and the Bay Area as well. With the launch of their new sister company, Valley Construction Services Inc., the team can now fully capitalize on the client’s desire for Design and Construction companies to work in tandem by becoming a one-stop-shop for all design and construction needs.

Juan relayed, “In the past, it was the Design company versus the Construction company which may have led to project disagreements. In today’s marketplace, clients want both parties to work productively together.”

Although the industry is extremely competitive, this team thrives on it, as Juan relays, “We enjoy competing and there are a lot of good companies out there. So for us and to be able to continually win projects is a huge accomplishment.”

“In addition,” Wes adds, “One thing about our industry is that you need to be flexible and able to ‘pivot’. For example, when a client wants to suddenly go in a different direction, or a state agency can change a previously approved design, pivoting is essential.” Both Juan and Wes credit their success to following three principles, namely, listening, understanding the need, and delivering on the clients’ vision.

By creating a full-service platform between both companies, the team distinguishes
themselves as a flagship company; poised to build on their already phenomenal success and is incredibly grateful to the Stockton community. “Since we arrived over ten years ago, Stockton has been and continues to be extremely welcoming to us. From elected officials, government leaders and many organizations, everyone has been ready to help us.” Juan added.

The DCA team has not only had stellar success with their clientele, but also has an amazing 90% referral business rate. With newly launched Valley Construction Services, Inc., they will continue to excel for years to come.

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