Peter Devencenzi Will Bring Integrity to the Justice System

On March 5, the voters will have the unique opportunity to elect one of their own to the San Joaquin County Superior Court bench. That person is Peter Devencenzi.

Peter Devencenzi was born at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Stockton. He grew up in a Catholic family filled with love, faith, and good old fashioned hard work. Peter’s father started as a farmer and successfully built his own business advising farmers and conducting agricultural research, while his mother worked her way to becoming a Special Education Teacher for Lodi Unified School District. Peter grew up working on the farm, doing everything from digging ditches, pruning, planting new trees, and driving tractors. When discussing his childhood, Peter said, “I remember going through the whole orchard to pick up by hand all the walnuts the machines left behind. We let nothing go to waste. My parents struggled when I was young and I still remember them having to make Christmas presents out of wood to give out. I also remember helping my grandparents clean St. Michael’s Church when they started their own janitorial business to make ends-meet. These experiences have made me who I am today.”

A product of the public school system, Peter began his legal career representing people who have been discriminated against based on their race in the workplace. He also represented clients in personal injury, contracts, and harassment cases. Peter took pride in fighting for the rights of workers, schools, and local businesses.

In his desire to serve the community and make it a safer place, Peter gave up a higher paycheck to become a Criminal Prosecutor. At the District Attorney’s Office, Peter has served with distinction in numerous roles, including prosecuting robberies, thefts, drug trafficking, gang shootings, murders and attempted murders. His assignments included Special Operations, Felony Trials, Gang Crimes, and leading the Agricultural Crimes and Auto Theft Task Forces. When handling each case, Peter looks at several factors, including the impact of the crime on the community as well as the victim and victim’s family. Peter has a track record of standing up for what is right and he is not afraid to follow the law in each and every case.

Peter met his wife, Nicole Devencenzi, at the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office where she also works as a Criminal Prosecutor. Nicole comes from a family of immigrants, all of whom Peter fell in love with, before he proposed to Nicole on the family farm in 2018. Peter and Nicole have two boys, a 3-year-old and a newborn. “We look forward to raising our children in a safer San Joaquin County, and giving our children the opportunity to experience the rich diversity and culture our home has to offer,” said Peter.
Peter’s campaign is supported by several community members including Jose R. Rodriguez, CEO & President of El Concilio When asked about Peter, Mr. Rodriguez said, “Peter has shown a dedication to the Latino Community and the unique issues they face in accessing equal treatment and justice. This is important to see in a Superior Court Judge. I have great confidence that Peter will treat every person with respect and dignity, while administering justice fairly and impartially, whether Peter is presiding over criminal or civil cases.”

Peter is also endorsed by Community Leader Dr. Inés Ruiz-Huston. When asked about Peter, Dr. Ruiz-Huston stated, “I have personally seen Peter interact with people, while helping and serving the community, on multiple occasions. His ability to connect with people and his integrity assure me that every person will feel that they have been heard and treated fairly when appearing before Peter.”
When asked why he wants to be a Judge, Peter had this to say: “My decision to run for Judge is made purely from a desire to serve and give back to this community which has done so much for me. San Joaquin County is my lifelong home and I am dedicated to its success. The People deserve a Judge who will apply and uphold the law in a fair and impartial manner and treat each individual with the same dignity and respect regardless of their race or ethnicity. I will be that Judge and I would be honored to have your support.”

Vote for Peter Devencenzi on March 5.

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