Ego before country? Twice-impeached Trump enters 2024 race

A twice-impeached former one-term president who helped incite an attack on the U.S. Capitol and refused to participate in America’s peaceful transfer of power announced Tuesday that he will again put his ego above all else and enter the Republican presidential primary.

The Florida man, presently the subject of a federal espionage investigation relating to the removal of classified documents from the White House, appeared at his gaudy South Florida resort where he has overcharged the Secret Service details that protect him and blathered senselessly about things that never happened while he was president.

Trump bores the masses with presidential announcement

Seemingly bored regurgitating the same pablum he has repeated over and over and over again to crowds of cult-like followers across the country, the man whose company is presently on trial in a criminal tax fraud case made a series of specious claims that America was perfect when he left office in 2020.

‘In four short years, everyone was doing great,’ said the man who was recently deposed in a defamation case brought by a woman who claims he raped her. ‘Everyone was thriving like never before.’

That is, of course, a complete fiction that ignores the fact that when he left office like a huffy school bully angry about getting detention, there were still thousands of Americans dying each day of a virus he had worked hard to play down and the country was reeling from a violent insurrection incited by his unwillingness to accept the results of a free and fair election.

The insurrection-inciting Trump fools no one

The almost-tragically narcissistic man who lost reelection and caused his own party to lose both chambers of Congress went on to say that he, as president, went ‘decades’ without a war, a mathematical impossibility that would be embarrassing for him if it weren’t wholly drowned out about all the other embarrassing things.

Flanked by an array of American flags, as if the collective surface area of them might somehow cover his own aura of autocracy, the former American president who repeatedly expressed deep respect for murderous Russian President Vladimir Putin swiftly lost the audience in his faux-opulent ballroom, babbling on about ‘deals’ and ‘China’ and ‘the largest number of votes.’ He appeared less like a president and more like a bombing stand-up comedian.

‘Our country is being destroyed before your very eyes,’ lied the man who was once heard on an audio tape bragging about how he would grab women’s genitals.

The losing loser is ready to lose again, and take Republicans down with him

Apparently attracted to losing, the aging former reality television star who recently reminded everyone he’s a racist – by making anti-Asian racist comments about Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell’s wife and Republican Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin – entered the GOP presidential primary against the wishes of many in the party itself.

The recent midterm elections were correctly seen as a repudiation of the former president and his MAGA movement, and Republicans seem to have their eyes on Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis as a stronger 2024 presidential candidate.

Regardless, the man under criminal investigation in Georgia on allegations of attempting to overturn the state’s election had to make it all about himself, setting the stage for a possible GOP civil war and giving himself a chance to continue grifting the poor sots he has conned into believing he cares a whit about them.

America is worse off for this announcement, and Trump, with a track record of destroying everything around him, couldn’t care less.

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