Steve Ding Respects Our Family Values

Steve Ding is a small restaurant owner in the community of Woodbridge, community leader, and father who is running for San Joaquin County Board of Supervisors.

To Latinos the word ‘educacion’ means that one has succeeded in gaining the respect or ‘el repecto’ from the people with whom you come in contact. In English is signifies a formal education. In Spanish it means so much more.

Steve’ s journey has always sought ‘educacion’, by giving respect to others. He wanted a better future for himself and his community. The Latino culture recognizes quality in people before a formal education means anything. This is how Steve learned the value of community from a young age.

In his early days Steve learned that nothing comes without hard work. Growing up, he worked after school at his parents’ store in Stockton. After graduating from Stagg High School, Steve attended San Joaquin Delta College, and then transferred to Chico State.

Steve realized community advocacy and practical politics was important. After graduating from college, he returned to Stockton to work for a local Supervisor and was later appointed as a district representative by Congressman Richard Pombo. Hard work earned him the position of Chief of Staff and Staff Director of the powerful Resources Committee, which oversees the federal water resources that are vital for our community. Steve knows how to get things done– but more importantly he knows government should be there to do the basic jobs we pay them to do… government works for us; we don’t work for them.

In 2010 Steve purchased the historic Woodbridge Crossing restaurant and worked hard to restore its historical charm while establishing a unique fine dining experience. Over the years Woodbridge Crossing has enjoyed great success and received several awards for excellence that can be directly attributed to Steve’s ongoing commitment to create an enjoyable dining experience for everyone. Steve is a problem solver who listens and takes a collaborative approach to addressing challenges both at the restaurant and within the community organizations he serves.

Steve serves on the Executive Board of the Lodi Boys & Girls Club and is a member of the Greater Stockton Chamber of Commerce, Lodi Chamber of Commerce, San Joaquin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and The California Restaurant Association. Steve was named Businessman of the Year both locally and by the California State Senate for his service to the local community. He works at Woodbridge Crossing with his two sons, Steven Jr. and Connor, every day of the week.

When asked about his views on the politics, Steve made the following statement: “The last two years have been overwhelmed with uncertainty. Friends, family and I’m sure you too, share the same concerns I do; The cost of gas, lost wages during the pandemic, housing cost, putting food on the table, these are real challenges that we must solve. Parents and students shouldn’t live in fear of violence at school when an education is their only way to a better future. Our neighborhoods are deteriorating, and homelessness is on the rise, we must take bold action on these issues. As I drive throughout our community, I see the challenges we face. You and I want the same thing – a government that takes care of our day-to-day problems right here at home without the added cost or burden. No excuses.”

That is why I am running for County Supervisor in district 4; to address these hard issues and to create better outcomes for everyone.”

As your Supervisor, Steve will fight to:
• Ensure we hire enough Deputy Sheriffs to put criminals behind bars and protect the public.
• Protect our schools by having deputies on campus.
• Clean up the homeless camps, by affording drug and mental health help to those in need and partnering with HUD for much needed housing.
• Fix the potholes in our roads and crumbling infrastructure.
• Be fiscally responsible by streamlining county government so you keep more money in your pocket.
• The goals of government is not to grow but to find responsible and cost-effective means to ‘represent’ the county residents.

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