Ron Freitas Will Bring Integrity to San Joaquin DA’s Office

Ron Freitas has spent his career in public service prosecuting criminals and helping students become successful and productive members of our community and plans to bring his unique background and experience as the next San Joaquin County District Attorney. He understands the importance of a quality education in preparing children for lifelong success. In fact, Freitas is fond of saying, “I have never prosecuted someone for murder who has earned a high school diploma.”

During his 34 years with the District Attorney’s Office, Freitas has served with distinction in numerous roles including his current role as a Deputy District Attorney and previously as the Supervising Deputy District Attorney of the Gang Violence Suppression Unit, as Chief Deputy District Attorney of the Homicide and Gang Divisions and as an Assistant District Attorney.

In 2012, Ron was appointed as a Board Member to the Lodi Unified School District, which encompasses North Stockton, Lodi, and the surrounding communities. He was elected President of the Board for 2015-2016 and re-elected in 2016 and 2020 – serving as President again in 2020-2021. In 2016, he was president of the successful Yes on Measure U school bond committee which provided district students with $350 million in increase school safety measures, modern facilities, and improved vocational training programs.

Ron was born and raised in Los Banos and went on to attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and then the University of the Pacific’s prestigious McGeorge School of Law. After earning his law degree, Ron was hired by the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office. He and his wife Renate moved to Lodi where they raised their two children and where they currently reside.
“I am running for District Attorney because I see the need for honesty, integrity, and competency in addressing the growing crime problem in our community. I believe career criminals need face the consequences of their actions, but I also believe that youthful and first-time offenders deserve positive interventions that can turn them away from a life in the criminal justice system. The way of county is operating now does not adequately protect average law-abiding residents and it’s time that we have a District Attorney that will make the safety of San Joaquin County residents his top priority”.

Because of his commitment to public safety, Freitas has earned the support of 15 local, regional, and state law enforcement groups, first responders and victim’s rights organizations that represent our community including the San Joaquin County Deputy Sheriffs Association, the SJC Probation Officers Association and the SJC Correctional Officers Association as well as Stockton and Lodi Police Officers and Firefighters. In addition, Ron has the support of former District Attorney Jim Willet and State Assemblymembers Carlos Villapudua, Jim Cooper, and Heath Flora.

He founded the San Joaquin County Homicide Task Force, the San Joaquin County Evidence Task Force, and the San Joaquin County Grand Jury Task Force. In addition, Ron, co-founded the San Joaquin County Gang Violence Prosecution Task Force, was elected to the California District Attorneys Association Board of Directors and co-chaired their Gang Violence Suppression Committee.
Ron has always fought to ensure everyone regardless of race, religion, gender, or political connections are treated equally under the law. “I believe the Goddess of Justice wears a blindfold for a reason, so that every individual is treated with dignity and respect and is offered equal access to a fair trial.”

Ron also believes in early intervention programs both in our school system and in our judicial system that have proven successful in offering positive alternatives to criminal behavior, gang activity and drug and alcohol problems. “I am running because I love this community and want to make a safer and fairer place for all San Joaquin County residents.”

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