Senate Passes Historic $ 1.2 Trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan

Senators won more than 60 votes to pass the $ 1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure project, promoted by President Joe Biden .

Vice President Kamala Harris , president of the Senate, reported that the law was approved with 69 votes in favor and 30 against. This is a great triumph for the Democrats, but also for the Republicans, who put aside their political differences and agreed that the US urges a multi-year investment to improve its transportation, roads, water infrastructure and service. Internet. President Biden celebrated the passage of the law, after intense negotiations.

“Great news folks: the Bipartisan Infrastructure Agreement has been officially approved in the Senate,” he tweeted.

“I hope that Congress will send it to my desk as soon as possible, then we can continue our work to rebuild better.” 10 key projects The Biden Administration highlights 10 programs that will allow it to promote with bipartisan law:

• $ 3.5 billion in Weatherization Assistance Program, to reduce energy costs for more than 700,000 low-income households.

• $ 8 billion for community wildfire defense grants.

• $ 12 billion for flood mitigation, including funds for FEMA.

• $ 5 billion to address contamination in lead pipes for drinking water.

• $ 16,000 million to plug natural gas wells and coal mines.

• $ 1 billion for the “Natural Gas Distribution Infrastructure Modernization and Safety Grant Program”.

• $ 6 billion for advanced battery processing, manufacturing and recycling.

• $ 5,000 million for a “Safe Streets for All” program, for local, state and federal projects.

• $ 2 billion for transit stations and their adaptation for people with disabilities.

• $ 2 billion to modernize cyber security systems.

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