STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA – The Port of Stockton has greatly improved operational efficiency and expanded its cargo handling capabilities by investing in new equipment. The Port purchased two Liebherr 550 Mobile Harbor Cranes offering a combined lift capacity of 288 metric tonnes. 

The addition of the two cranes make it possible for vessels to carry heavier cargo than their own cranes can safely handle. Access to the cranes enable the cargo handling activities to seamlessly unfold with less logistical red tape, saving time, and ultimately opening up markets to new carriers and cargoes calling the Port. In addition to providing flexibility, the two Liebherrs are part of an ongoing program to replace and enhance the Port’s fleet of cargo handling equipment as a key strategy to achieving the Port’s goal of becoming a carbon-neutral port. 

Dedicated to improving local air quality and reducing GHG emissions, the Port of Stockton is making strides to become one of the most eco-friendly bulk ports on the US West Coast. The purchase of these two cranes represents a step in the right direction for several key reasons: direct ownership will allow the Port to eventually upgrade the engines to further improve operational efficiency, and the increased cargo handling capabilities creates new opportunities for markets and businesses that were previously unable to call the Port. Efficient cargo handling means vessels can increase throughput while reducing their time spent at berth, translating to fewer GHG emissions, and cleaner air for the community. This effort is just one small part of the Port’s equipment upgrade and modernization plans. 

“The Port Board of Commissioners consistently supports improving the Port’s infrastructure, as well as the development of strong environmental programs and directs Port staff to identify opportunities to improve Port operations that ultimately benefits the community. Purchasing these two cranes is representative of our strides towards our goal to become the most efficient West Coast port,” shared Kirk DeJesus, Port Director. 

Port of Stockton is a Special District located on the Delta of the San Joaquin River, within the agriculturally rich community of California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley offering flexible solutions for domestic and international cargo distribution by ship, rail, or freight.

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