Letter to the Editor

It is no secret COVID-19 has drastically changed the way that Californians live our lives. But especially for Hispanic small business owners, the need to adapt has been a matter of business survival. Thankfully, there are more digital technologies at the disposal of small businesses than ever before. And as lawmakers and other political leaders chart the path toward recovery, they must remember the services that are allowing minority-owned businesses to survive along the way.

Updating business information online such as store hours, delivery availability, and reservation services has proven essential to small businesses this year. And that’s just the start. Communicating virtually with employees and customers is made possible today by services like Google’s G-Suite, Skype, and the host of delivery applications available to restaurants in our community.

Recent activity from Washington, however, does not reflect the role these services have played throughout the pandemic. While Hispanic small businesses increasingly rely on digital technologies and online platforms to do business, the Justice Department has announced a lawsuit against a company that provides such services. In order for California’s small businesses to continue supporting economic growth and recovery at the community level, I sincerely hope that a more reasonable understanding can be reached among political leaders in the months ahead. 



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