California Attorney Says Gov. Newsom is Deliberately Using Bad Data to Keep State in Lockdown

The only COVID ‘cases’ we need to address are in the ICU, and deaths

Governor Gavin Newsom announced yet another new set of guidelines Friday for re-opening counties in California, replacing the state COVID-19 watchlist system, and changing the rules once again for businesses.

California Attorney Mark Meuser has a bone to pick with Gov. Newsom for manipulating data, which will result in making it nearly impossible for counties top open back up. Newsom’s new plan also usurps counties’ decision making, after previously stating he would allow counties to make re-opening decisions – according to previous guidelines.

Attorney Mark Meuser. (Photo: Twitter)

What a mess. It is apparent Gov. Newsom’s revised “plan to reopen” is designed to keep the state in lockdown forever. Because he continues to focus on the number of positive “cases,” which is 99% people who are healthy, not sick and even asymptomatic. These are not “cases.” Actual “cases” of COVID patients are in the ICU or have died from it.

It will be next to impossible to reopen the state under this latest plan.

The governor’s latest scheme for re-opening the state (is this plan number #3 or #4?) is a new four-tier system which includes four color-coded tiers:

Purple (widespread), Red (substantial), Orange (moderate), and Yellow (minimal). Instead of varying metrics and factors between counties, only two metrics will be used to move states up or down tier levels: daily new COVID-19 case rates and positivity rates.

If anyone is still unclear about the governor’s actual goals: a county can average one “case” per 100,000 for three weeks and still not be fully open.

The new color-coded reopening tier guidelines unveiled by Governor Newsom on August 28, 2020. (Photo: State of California)

“Counties must remain in every tier but purple for a minimum of 21 days before being eligible to move into the next tier,” the governor’s new plan states.

Attorney Meuser says there are gaping holes in Newsom’s plan.

People can test positive for COVID up to 80 days after having it. Most people who test positive are asymptomatic, so this is particularly devious. As California Globe recently reported, 10,652,487 Californians have been tested for COVID – a quarter of the state’s population – with 668,615 “confirmed cases,” meaning people who have tested positive, most without symptoms. This leaves 9,983,872 Californians who tested negative for COVID -19.

Nearly 10 million Californians have tested negative for COVID-19.

They also can be fully recovered and trying to get back to work, but a test can still show positive for COVID.

“The governor knows this,” Meuser said. “That is how hypocritical Gavin Newsom is, and how crazy things are.”

“The governor is not looking at deaths or ICU cases, he’s looking at tests and results, which may actually reflect three months old results. And many COVID tests show false-positives, as happened to the NFL, which had 77 apparently false positive COVID-19 tests come back from a lab. And those are not isolated incidents.

A surprising high number of people report scheduling a COVID lab test, and then didn’t make it to the appointment. Yet they almost always receive test results from the lab stating they tested positive for COVID-19. California Globe has received emails, phone calls and social media messages confirming this is actually happening.

As one reader said, “He ‘gives’ and then ‘takes away,’ pulling the rug out from under Californians randomly, arbitrarily, as if he has the right to do this, which he doesn’t.”

The Center for Disease Control quietly updated COVID-19 numbers last week, now reporting only 9,210 Americans actually died from COVID-19 alone.

As for the California Governor, “he’s a tyrant and a hypocrite,” Meuser said.

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