Trump tariff for Mexico?

President Donald Trump announced suddenly that he will impose 5% tariffs on all products from Mexico until the flow of irregular migration ends. The measure would take effect on June 10. The tariff would increase gradually if the problem is not solved. “The tariff will gradually increase until the problem of illegal immigration is remedied, at which time the tariffs will be eliminated,” Trump said on Twitter. In a statement released by the White House, Trump set a timetable for the gradual rise in charges if the flow of irregular migrants from Mexico does not cease. “If the crisis (at the border) persists, tariffs will rise to 10% on July 1, 2019. Similarly, if Mexico has not yet taken action to drastically reduce or eliminate the number of illegal aliens crossing its territory to the United States, tariffs will increase to 15% on August 1, 2019, to 20% on September 1, and to 25% on October 1, 2019, “he said. He added that the taxes will remain at 25% “unless and until Mexico substantially stops the illegal flow of foreigners coming through its territory.” However, Trump said that if the crisis of illegal migration “is alleviated” through effective measures by Mexico the tariffs will be eliminated. In addition, qualified that workers who arrive legally in the US can enter the country without problem. “If Mexico fails to act, tariffs will remain at the highest level and (US) companies located in Mexico can begin to return to the United States to manufacture their products and goods, “ the president said. In this regard, he stressed that companies that “relocate” in the country will neither pay the tariffs nor be affected in any way. In the statement, the president said he is acting according to the prerogatives he has had since he signed a national emergency in February before the situation on the southern border of the country. Trump declared a national emergency to divert funds from the Pentagon and the Treasury to finance a wall on the border with Mexico, but last Friday a judge temporarily blocked the diversion of that money from the Department of Defense to erect the border fence. The measure triggered the price of the dollar in Mexico. At the close of the day it reached $ 19.59 pesos . Trump’s announcement comes when the new trade agreement negotiated with Mexico and Canada, baptized as T-MEC , in the parliaments of the three countries, is pending ratification . EEU arrested 98,977 undocumented migrants on the border with Mexico in April, the highest number in the last six months, of which 8,897 were unaccompanied minors, CBP reported in early May.

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