Mobilizing Hope: SJHealth’s MOBY Brings Street Medicine Outreach to Stanislaus Counties

SJ Health Centers, a community-centric healthcare organization, is expanding its horizon of service to encompass the overlooked corners of Stanislaus County. Committed to its mission of driving sustained health improvement for all, SJ Health is launching its Street Medicine initiative in Stanislaus County, leveraging its mobile health unit to extend care to the marginalized, including the homeless.

In alignment with its values of inclusivity and equitable healthcare delivery, SJ Health recognizes the pressing need to bridge the gap between healthcare services and underserved populations. The introduction of the mobile health center, known as MOBY, underscores the institution’s dedication to reaching every corner of the community, especially those facing barriers to traditional healthcare access.

The striking purple, blue and white state-of-the-art mobile health center is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including examination rooms tailored to provide a range of services from preventive care to urgent medical attention. Medical teams are led by dedicated, medical providers and nurses focused on delivering compassionate care to the most vulnerable, unhoused community members. Joan Singson, Director of Population Health says, “when I look into what our patients need and how to improve health outcomes, I think that to truly make an impact on a population of patients, we can’t limit ourselves to the individuals in focus. Rather, we have to look at things with a broader lens and figure out how to best address community health needs within the healthcare delivery framework. I see our Street Medicine Outreach as community health, because ensuring the health of patients cannot be limited to a doctor’s office.”

The expansion of street medicine services to Stanislaus County reflects a broader trend in California, where street medicine programs are gaining traction as vital components of community healthcare. With approximately 25 street medicine programs operational across the state, there is a growing recognition of the efficacy of this grassroots approach in addressing the needs of the unhoused population. This approach is crucial in fostering trust and breaking down barriers to care access for marginalized communities.

SJ Health’s Street Medicine Outreach Program, supported by Health Plan of San JoaquinMountain Valley Health Plan and Health Net, aligns with broader healthcare reforms, allowing street medicine providers to serve as designated primary care providers for unhoused Medi-Cal members. This transformative step promises to streamline access to healthcare benefits, ensuring timely and person-centered care for those in need.

As SJHealth’s MOBY extends its services to Stanislaus Counties, it marks a significant step toward creating a healthier and more equitable future for all residents. SJ Health is not only treating ailments but also fostering a culture of wellness and preventive care. MOBY’s street outreach component embodies this mission by reaching out to individuals wherever there is a need, bringing healthcare directly to the streets, shelters, and neighborhoods that often go unnoticed Residents of San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties can follow sjhealth on facebook or visit for schedule information

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