El Concilio California Brings Financial Inclusion To Those Historically Shut Out With The AlternaCard

STOCKTON, CA – El Concilio California, the largest Hispanic-led nonprofit agency in Northern California serving the San Joaquin and Central Valley regions for 55 years, has partnered with Alterna Card Services to bring access to financial services – and economic equality – to those who historically have been excluded due to status.

Access to credit-building financial services has long been denied to those without a Social Security (SS) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), effectively economically segregating a large section of California residents from financial security. That all ends soon when El Concilio California begins promoting a prepaid debit card program through Alterna Card Services – for anybody  with a Driver’s License or a government-issued  photo  ID from their country of origin or from the US.

“We are beyond excited to provide a financial service to residents who have been overlooked in the past,” says José R. Rodriguez, CEO of El Concilio California. “The services will allow card holders to build credit, while also allowing them to soon safely and securely send money transfers to family in Mexico – and soon to other parts of Latin America – without the hassles and obstacles that have historically been in place.”

The Alterna Card is an app-based bilingual prepaid card, that provides cross-border financial inclusion through our industry-leading features designed for immigrants, unbanked consumers and anyone looking for a better way to manage their money. With the El Concilio California Alterna Card, card holders will soon be able to instantly send funds to family and friends with no travel required. 

Once a US resident enrolls in the El Concilio California Alterna Cards, they can soon refer family and friends for a card issued by partner bank in Mexico to transfer money card-to-card. “No longer will people have to risk their safety by carrying cash. As well, employers can also direct deposit paychecks onto the El Concilio California’s cards. To sign-up for your card go to elconcilio.org and for information” further noted José Rodriguez. “El Concilio California’s AlternaCard program is a part of the Agency’s long-term commitment to working with our local financial institutions to support inclusion of the previously unbanked for greater community equity and economic equality.”

“We at Alterna are honored to be working with El Concilio California to provide Financial Inclusion to the US Latino community and their loved ones abroad,” commented Virginia Madueno, incoming CEO of Alterna.  “The El Concilio California Alterna Cards will include value added services, like Cash Back rewards, an option to build credit, and so much more.”

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