Andy Coronado’s AC12 Raider Nation Bus – A Vehicle of Goodwill

In 2012, when Andy Coronado’s son Andy Jr., (Bubba) came home from the Marine Corps, they bought a 1998 Chevy Bus from a local church. “The goal was to design a Raider Bus, Made by Raiders, for Raiders and to trick it out for tailgate parties.” Andy said, as he continued, “If I had a mission statement it would be fun, family and commitment”.

Little did they know that the bus would become a Raider Nation Sensation! The Bus is tricked out in Silver and Black with a custom grill that sports gold teeth. Along with flying the Raider Flag, he proudly flies the USA Flag and the US Marine Corp Flag. With a state-of-the-art PA System, Andy, his family, along with co-pilot, Jerry, rally the crowd where ever they go shouting “Go Raiders!” and “Honk if you’re a Raider Fan!”
Across AC12 Raider Nation’s Bumper is written “Beware the 12th Man cometh”. Football teams have 11 players on the field. The 12th man is a collective term reserved for fans. Andy is definitely the 12th man and the ultimate Raider Fan.

It has been said that if you pricked his finger, it would bleed silver and black.

When asked how long he had been a Raider Fan, he said, “I was born into a Raider Family. My Mom, who passed away two years ago was a Raider Fan and so are my siblings.” The family tradition continues with son Andy, and his daughters, Jennifer and Alisha.

Andy’s, passion for the Raiders is relentless, his energy is infectious and his heart’s compassion is unprecedented. He has been blessed with the gift of bringing people together from all walks of life and sharing his love of community in many diverse ways.

Even prior to the Raider Bus, Andy championed various projects throughout the community. In 2000, he and his children started the official Raider Fan Club in Stockton, where he was the President for two years. The club went from zero to three hundred members in eight days. In 2001, he was recognized by the US Congress and the US Veterans Department for volunteer work with a fan club.

Once the AC12 Raider Nation Bus hit the road, it was an immediate crowd pleaser exciting people wherever it went. Andy shared, “This Bus is a magnet and was built for all Fans! It is a vehicle of goodwill that is made for fun, family and community.” Andy added, “People want to take selfies with the Bus, grab a bite to eat or just hang out.”

The Bus has been in Parades, Health Fairs, Military Events, Car Shows, Weddings, Quinceaneras and Funerals; 2015 Favorite, 1st place School Fairs; 2015 CBS Raider Christmas Special in San Francisco; 2016 Winner of Oakland Raider Tailgate Challenge.

The 2016 Oakland Raider’s Tailgate Challenge, that judges on Raider pride, excellence of spread, creativity and originality. Andy’s beat out hundreds of fans with his delectable delights that included Buffalo Shrimp, Pasta, Tri-tip, Spare Ribs and Oysters. The competition didn’t have a chance!
2018-HBO Ballers with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson; 2019 – ESPN TV with family (last Oakland Game); 2020 – NBC New York had Andy and son on Monday Night Football Special Mosaic Board; 2021 Allegiant Your Nation-won two tickets to the 2022 Superbowl. Andy also partners with United Way and Hospice of San Joaquin County giving away Raider Tickets.

With all of these amazing accomplishments we asked what is next for Andy. He said, “I want to get a bigger truck and trailer to haul the Bus to away games in Denver and Seattle.”

He also had a special message for our youth and all of the Raider Nation,
“Life is short, Live, Laugh and Love. When choosing a career make sure it’s something you enjoy doing. Tell those you love out loud that you do, someday they may not be around. Make good choices and have goals, each may affect you for a lifetime. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Love life, have no regrets and be kind”.

So whether you are a Raider Fan or not, you’re all invited to stop by the AC12 Raider Nation Bus and have some fun on the Vehicle of Goodwill!

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