Josh Harder is the Right Choice in this Election

Josh Harder’s great great grandfather settled in San Joaquin County more than 170 years ago to start a peach farm and raise his family. Generations later, Josh and his wife, Pam, are raising a daughter of their own. Just like his great great grandpa, Josh is raising his family on the values of faith, service, and hard work.

Josh knows that everything is way too expensive right now. He is laser focused on getting the cost of gas, health care, and housing down so we can all afford to live here. In contrast, Josh’s opponent is San Joaquin County Supervisor Tom Patti who has been in office for years. He has a long track record of raising taxes and fees on everything from gas to health care to housing and even the cost of running a business.

This month’s election is a choice for our community. A choice between Josh Harder, who we can trust to go to Washington to fight for our families and get prices down, or County Supervisor Tom Patti, who voted over and over to make our lives more expensive and will do the same in Congress.

Let’s start with the gas tax, which adds more than 50 cents per gallon to California’s highest in the country gas prices. Josh Harder is leading the fight against the gas tax. He stood up to his own party in Sacramento and in Washington to get prices down for our families. As County Supervisor however, Tom Patti voted to support raising the gas tax by 40%. He even thanked Sacramento politicians for their “leadership” in raising costs on our families.

Everyone in our community knows health care and prescription drugs are way too expensive. Health care is personal to Josh Harder, his little brother spent his earliest days in the hospital and Josh’s family got a $2 million medical bill as a result. Josh knows what it’s like to wonder whether you can afford the care you need. So, Josh is pushing to get health care prices down, cap the price of drugs like insulin, and bring 10,000 new doctors to our state over the next ten years. At the same time, County Supervisor Tom Patti has voted over and over to raise the price of health care and prescription drugs in San Joaquin County. He voted to make it more expensive for a hospital room, to charge people more for their prescriptions, and even to increase the price of mental health services by more than 20%.

When it comes to housing, the pattern is exactly the same. Josh Harder is fighting to cut red tape so we can build more housing that families can actually afford. He’s working for our families, not the millionaires in the Bay or the developers trying to make a quick buck. County Supervisor Tom Patti, on the other hand, spent $150,000 of taxpayer money to study which taxes and fees he should raise. He ended up raising fees on everything from fixing your roof to putting a cover on your patio and putting in a new water heater. Under Tom Patti, we owe the government $350 if we want to cover our patios and another $200 to reroof our houses.

And Tom Patti didn’t leave our businesses alone either. While Josh Harder has consistently stood up for our small businesses, bringing home the help they needed, Tom Patti voted to raise taxes on folks just trying to get by. He voted to raise government fees on getting a small business license, on running a restaurant, and even on operating a taco truck. When you pay $427 to the government just so you can open your business, thank County Supervisor Tom Patti.

Families in our county are getting their ballots in the mail this month. For lower prices and leadership they can trust, they should vote for Josh Harder for Congress. Our wallets and our families are counting on it.

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