As Founder and Publisher of Latino Times, Andrew Ysiano is a dynamic professional whose management expertise and innovative skills have established him as one of our country’s entrepreneurial success stories.  A true visionary, Mr. Ysiano founded Latino Times in 2000 with the simple goal to provide a bilingual publication for Latinos that reflects positive contributions in the local and national community.

Under his management, the enterprise has grown into one of the largest bilingual newspapers in Northern and Central California with a readership of over 250,000.  Mr. Ysiano’s professional success is matched only by his personal passion and commitment to the Latino community as well as other social causes. 

Born and raised in Stockton, California, he started working at an early age including living in migrant summer camps picking peaches, pears and cherries. But at age 10, it was his job delivering newspapers for the Stockton Record that cemented his calling and set him on the course to become the Founder and Publisher of Latino Times. 

Mr. Ysiano credits his mother, Petra Contreras Repinsky’s strong faith in God with inspiring him to succeed in overcoming life’s challenges, achieving his goals and never giving up on your dreams.  He started his entrepreneurship at age 25 and in January of 2000, Mr. Ysiano founded Latino Times and has never looked back.  He contributes his success to being a “great listener” and being “honest and consistent” with his clients. 

As a leader in the Latino community, Mr. Ysiano has championed many causes and shared his visionary expertise with various organizations. His many accomplishments include, past President, California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, (2 terms), past Vice-Chairman, California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, past President, San Joaquin County Mexican-American Chamber of Commerce, (2 terms), past Regional One Chairman, US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (spanning 7 western states), San Joaquin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Government Relations Committee (GRC) Member, Past Chairman of Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse (CALA) and several other local boards.

In addition, Mr. Ysiano also believes in “paying it forward” to the next generation and has shared his encouraging message with students across the country, including UC Berkeley, UC Irving and the University of Texas at Austin.  

He is also a founding member of the Cesar Chavez Library in Stockton, California as well as an honored recipient of New York Life’s 2017 Community Leadership Award, the San Joaquin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce’s 2018 Business of the Year Award and El Concilio’s La Raza Award in 2019.  

Mr. Ysiano considers his greatest blessing as being a father to his only son, Andrew C. Ysiano and being blessed with a loving family and “true” friends.  In his leisure time, Mr. Ysiano enjoys spending time with his family, as well as living part time in Mexico, and playing a great round of golf. 

In closing, Mr. Ysiano had a special message, “I would also like to recognize, my compadre and Godfather to my son, Julian Canete, CEO/President of the California Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. During my Presidency of the California Hispanic Chamber and Regional One Chairman of the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, he was always there by my side to provide me with his invaluable knowledge and insight. I would also like to thank the Latino Times team and a special thank you to Judy Quintana, Vice President and Editor for her amazing service and loyalty throughout the years.”

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