Kamala Harris Warns Undocumented Immigrants: “Don’t Come … We Will Return You”

The vice president Kamala Harris asked the Central irregularly not travel to the United States , as they will be deported to their country.

“Do not come. Don’t come, ”he said after a meeting with the president of Guatemala, Alejandro Giammattei . “The United States will continue to enforce our laws and secure the borders … if they reach the border they will be sent back.”

The vice president travels to Guatemala and then to Mexico as part of her tour to develop a plan to help stop irregular immigration , which earlier this year led to the arrival of thousands of families and unaccompanied children.

The vice president announced a joint working group on human smuggling and trafficking , as well as a women’s empowerment program to increase economic opportunities.

It is also intended to promote an anti-corruption working group to help local authorities in Central America to process cases.

Harris was questioned because she has not visited the border with Mexico , especially when the arrival of immigrants increased in January, to which she replied that she is focused on the comprehensive plan to address the causes, not to make “big gestures”, since it is sought resolving irregular migration in a “way that is meaningful and has real results,” he said. “I will continue to focus on that kind of work rather than big gestures.”

Prior to meeting Giammattei, the vice president thanked the willingness to talk and the work ahead .

“We’re neighbors. And the position of the United States is that then we are interconnected. We share family ties. We share historical aspects. And it is important that, as we embark on a new era, we recognize the meaning and importance of this relationship as neighbors, “he said.

He added that the COVID-19 pandemic has complicated the situation in several countries , coupled with other long-standing problems, including security issues.

We believe that we share an interest, in terms of the United States knowing that our security and prosperity depends on what happens abroad. We are clear that we have a responsibility to interact, cooperate and work with our allies and friends around the world, ”he said. “That is why I am in Guatemala today to discuss and promote our shared priorities. The first of them, as you mentioned, is that of migration and, in particular, of this region ”.

The vice president stressed the importance of Guatemalans wanting to continue in their country, studying or promoting business.

“ Most people don’t want to leave the place where they grew up ; to her grandmother; the place where they pray; the place where their language is spoken, where the culture is familiar ”, he explained. “And when they leave, it is usually for one or two reasons: either because they are fleeing some harm or simply because they cannot meet their basic needs by staying home.”

He recognized that people need “tangible results” from their leaders, something that his plan will seek in the Northern Triangle region.

At the joint conference after the meeting, President Giammattei was questioned about allegations of corruption against him, but replied: “How many cases of corruption have I been accused of? I can give you the answer: zero ”.

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