Trump administration approves final rule that will remove food aid to thousands of people

Despite thousands of comments against it, the Department of Agriculture approved the final rule that will allow the withdrawal of at least 755,000 people – for now – from the federal food stamp program. The regulations proposed in February will make it more difficult for states to allow eligible adults without children to receive food assistance for more than three months in a 36-month period without work. The measure seems intended for immigrants, in reference to the “American Dream”, by Secretary Sonny Perdue.

“The government can be a powerful force for good, but the government’s dependence has never been the American dream ,” Perdue said. “We need to encourage people by giving them a helping hand, but not allowing it to become an undefined hand . “
The anti-poverty groups said that President Donald Trump’s approach to the unemployment rate was misleading .
This rule is the first of others that will help reduce the application of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP ), such as the one that would close what is called a legal loophole that allows people with incomes of up to 200 percent of the poverty level , about $ 50,000 for a family of four, receive food stamps.
He also wants to prevent households with more than $ 2,250 in assets, or $ 3,500 for a home with a disabled adult, from receiving food stamps. That would strip almost three million people of their benefits.
Another proposal would reduce $ 4.5 billion of the program for five years by adjusting the eligibility formulas, affecting one in five families, according to activist estimates.

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