Pelosi orders to write charges against Trump for “abuse of power” for his “personal benefit”

Nancy Pelosi, president of the House of Representatives in Congress, today formally requested the legislators to write the charges for the impeachment process against the president, Donald Trump, whom he accused of “abuse of power” for his “personal benefit “
“Our democracy is at stake. The president leaves us no other option, ”said Pelosi in an intervention from Congress in which he remarked that“ the president abused his power for his own personal political benefit at the expense of the national security ”of the United States.
The Democrats are accelerating the process to vote on the dismissal of the 45th president around Christmas, a situation that Pelosi hoped to avoid, but now seems inevitable.
Three specialists in constitutional law said Wednesday before the Judicial Commission of the Lower House that Trump’s attempts to get the Ukrainian government to investigate his Democratic rivals underpin a political trial.
In the lower house, the Democrats say they do their duty, while the Republicans describe the entire process as a fraud.
Meanwhile, in the upper house, senators from both parties quietly conferred, preparing for a possible Trump trial.
Impeachment: The three “serious crimes” for which experts point to Trump

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