USCIS, Postal Service and more federal offices close due to George HW Bush’s death

By Jesùs Garcia
Several federal government offices, such as Citizenship and Immigration Services ( USCIS ) and the Postal Service, will close or offer limited services on Wednesday, declared by President Donald Trump as the National Day of Grief for the death of former President George HW Bush .

“I declare December 5, 2018 as National Grief Day throughout the United States. I ask the American people to meet that day in their respective places of worship to pay homage to the memory of President George HW Bush”, asked the US president.

USCIS indicated that all of its offices will be closed and will automatically reschedule all appointments, “green card” interviews and naturalization ceremonies. All immigrants will be informed of their processes.

“All applicants with biometric appointments scheduled for Wednesday will receive a new appointment notice within the next three weeks,” the authority said.
He added that the Care Center will be open from 8 am to 9 pm Eastern time, but with limited help.

Also the Postal Service office indicated that it will suspend the delivery of regular mail, although some services will continue, due to the proximity of the holiday period.
“We will provide a limited package delivery service that day to ensure that our network remains fluid and we do not experience any impact on our package delivery operations that could adversely affect our customers or business partners during the remainder of our holiday season. “He added in a report.

The majority of federal employees will be excused from work on Wednesday, according to the Office of Personnel Management, although each federal agency will decide the protocol to follow.

President Trump also ordered the flag of the United States to be hoisted at half mast for a period of 30 days in the White House and in all buildings and public spaces, military posts and naval stations, and on all warships, as well as federal government vessels in the District of Columbia and in US territories.
Wall Street announced that it will not operate on Wednesday, as part of the national mourning for the death of the former president.

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