FIT FOR TALL – A Seasonal Series from Health Plan of San Joaquin

Health Checks for ALL Adults

Preventative care is in our DNA as the major, nonprofit, managed care, public health plan in San Joaquin and Stanislaus counties.
Like our almost 350,000 members and over 300 employees, we are local. From this springs HPSJ’s mission-driven, steady commitment to community building and collaboration. That commitment leads us to partner with our members and providers, and other community-based organizations and civic leaders, on behalf of preventative care for best possible local health and well-being.
For adults, here are some basic guideposts on the road to health, for fall and every season. They come from, including the Preventative Health Guidelines for Adults and all are welcome to use as part of their general health maintenance road map.

For more about those important shots -
 Vaccines – Not Just for Kids

Adults, as we get older, will need boosters for childhood vaccines, as well as protection from new challenges, like adult-onset shingles. Here is a two-page guide, Vaccines for Adults by Age & Health Condition, in English and Spanish, to take and discuss with health care professionals.

And get a flu shot!
 HPSJ and community partners are urging all to spread the word about protection from this season’s flu. For anyone who missed getting their shot in October, there still is time — as long as it’s early as possible during the months of this now underway flu season.

FIT FOR FALL and beyond, and thanks for helping spread the word!
HPSJ members can tap into all the ways their health plan is helping busy adults smooth the way to, and at, their wellness visits,

Need an interpreter for the next doctor’s appointment? – Not sure which tests and labs to get, and when? Answers, support, and help are just a phone call away. Customer Service: The one-stop place for free services available to members (Monday – Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.).
1. Toll Free 1-888-936-PLAN (7526)
2. TTY/TDD 711
3. Toll Free (Spanish Speaking) 1-888-312-PLAN (7526)

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