Edith Villapudua Strives for Impact in State Assembly

In an era where the need for dedicated public servants has never been more apparent, Edith Villapudua serves as an inspiring reminder of the impact one individual can have.
In a compelling candidacy for the upcoming State Assembly elections in District 13, Edith Villapudua emerges as a beacon of experience and dedication. As voters head to the polls on March 5th, 2024, they have the opportunity to elect not just a representative but a proven advocate for justice, equality, and the well-being of all.

With nearly two decades of unwavering service as a public servant, Ms. Villapudua has proven herself in various critical roles.
Edith moved to Stockton in 1995 and has entrenched herself in the community. She graduated from Edison High School in 1997, attended local colleges and returned to school to earn her bachelor’s degree through National University, while raising her daughters, working full time and being pregnant with her youngest child.
Edith Villapudua’s journey in public service began in a local non-profit. She later moved on to work as an investigator for the public defender, where she tirelessly worked to ensure fair representation and justice for those in need. Her commitment to upholding the principles of fairness and equality propelled her into roles of increasing responsibility.
Not only did Ms. Villapudua serve as a deputy public conservator, ensuring the welfare of vulnerable individuals, but she also played a crucial role as a case manager for the CalWORKs program at a local nonprofit. In this capacity, she directly contributed to empowering individuals and families to overcome challenges and build better futures.
The depth of Ms. Villapudua’s impact expands further as she took on the role of an immigration consultant within the same nonprofit. In a time where immigration issues are increasingly complex, her expertise and compassion shone through as she assisted individuals navigating the intricate processes, providing a lifeline for those seeking a better life.
As a current Realtor, Ms. Villapudua sees how difficult it is for young adults and young families whom are not able to reach the “American Dream” by buying their own home. The cost of living is so high that even a two-income household can barely make ends meet. Knowing the challenges families face in this day in age, Edith Villapudua wants to be our representative, our voice in Sacramento and bring back common sense. Be willing to listen and work with all sides of the aisle for the betterment of the Assembly District 13 and our state.
What sets Edith Villapudua apart is not just her extensive resume but the genuine passion she brings to every role. Her commitment to public service goes beyond the confines of a job description; it’s a calling that has defined her career. Colleagues and community members alike speak of her as a tireless advocate for justice, a compassionate ally for those in need, and a pragmatic problem-solver.
Ms. Villapudua’s campaign began nearly two years ago, and she has worked each day to ensure she engages with the voters and the community at large.
As Edith Villapudua steps into the political arena, her candidacy is not just a bid for office; it’s a continuation of a lifelong commitment to the betterment of her community. District 13 stands at a pivotal moment, and her wealth of experience positions her as the candidate capable of navigating the complex issues facing the region.
The key issues Ms. Villapudua would like to address if elected, are Affordable Housing, Reducing Crime & Pubic Safety, Keeping Government Accountable and Accessible, Protecting Small Business & Strengthening our Economy, Addressing our Mental Health Crisis, Improving Our Environment, Supporting and Protecting Our Seniors.
Visit Edith Villapudua’s web page at www.edithforall.com to get to know more about her and to vote this upcoming election via their absentee ballot or in person on March 5th. We need to let our voice be heard and have a true public servant be their representative.

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